About the Artist

Zac Agatiello was an exceptionally talented artist with a kind heart and humble beginnings. He and his family were separated through foster care. The system failed him from a young age, but that didn’t stop him from making amazingly intricate art pieces. He lived life as a misfit and an outcast to escape his abusive foster home and touched everyone he met with his amazing kindness and art. He passed away from a fentanyl overdose on September 4th, 2023. His art is made for the unseen and illustrates how he coped with his unfortunate predicament. He chose the name The Eclectic Void stating that it illustrated a beauty and a horror behind what we choose to not to see. He felt passionately about the rights of foster children and always aspired to be an advocate for change. A portion of the proceeds will go towards creating better outreach for foster children who are victim to the system. To honor his memory his family maintains this growing gallery of his art. Before passing he and his family were working on putting his art on clothing. He always dreamed of making clothes and even participated in fashion shows. We hope to grow this business and create a trusted brand in Zac’s name.